Catalyst Health Network to Begin State-Wide Expansion in East Texas

Expansion Will Pioneer Innovation in Texas Healthcare Delivery

PLANO, TX — May 7, 2019 - Strive Clinical Network (Strive), a group of more than 100 primary care physicians stretching across East Texas, is joining Catalyst Health Network (Catalyst), a North Texas based network of independent primary care physicians focused on providing transformative, comprehensive care that improves the health of patients while providing a predictable value for the entities that pay for healthcare.

“‘Health’ and ‘Value’ are ubiquitous buzzwords in American health care — Catalyst is actually achieving both in tangible ways,” said Doug Curran, M.D. president of the Texas Medical Association and an Athens physician who is part of the Strive network. “Catalyst is incredibly innovative — they consistently find new ways to make our work as physicians more rewarding and sustainable, and their approach has made measurable differences in the health and lives of patients.”

“This marks Catalyst’s first expansion outside of the North Texas area and demonstrates the value and benefit our model can create for physicians, patients and payors across Texas,” said Christopher Crow, M.D. president of Catalyst.

“Our purpose is to help communities thrive by creating a healthier population that allows more resources to be focused in areas other than healthcare. While working together the last 2 years, we have been impressed and humbled by the quality of care that Strive provides to patients and the sense of community it creates in East Texas. This is a natural next step for us,” Crow said.

By joining Catalyst Health Network, the physicians in East Texas will have access to proprietary programs, resources, and value-based contracts that strengthen their practices and improve the long-term health of their patients.  Additionally through Catalyst Health Network, the East Texas physicians will have access to value based commercial contracts  for all patients, including Medicare Advantage plans.

In 2018, Strive partnered with Catalyst on a pilot project seeking to improve health outcomes for members of the Employees Retirement System of Texas (ERS). Though this collaboration, Strive exceeded care quality metrics for more than 5,000 ERS members, saving more than $2.5 million in the process:

  • 93 percent of patients received follow-up test results.

  • 95 percent of patients reported getting timely appointments.

  • 98 percent reported positive doctor communication.

  • Costs were 8 percent lower than the market would have predicted, accounting for the $2.5 million in savings.

“Our physicians know the direction in which health care needs to move. We want to help lead that transformation, and this partnership will help us to do it,” said Eddy Furniss, M.D. a Nacogdoches physician and Strive director. “Catalyst exists on the cutting edge of value-based care — its innovations can make a difference across the state and the nation. We’re thrilled that our physicians and patients in East Texas will now be a part of Catalyst Health Network.”


About Catalyst Health Network
Catalyst Health Network is a URAC accredited clinically integrated network of primary care physicians who have come together to provide high-quality care, helping communities thrive. With 650 primary care providers, 220 office locations, 940,000 patients, and 75 care team members, Catalyst Health Network operates as a non-profit organization improving health, coordinating care, and lowering cost – creating sustainable and predictable value. The network is comprised solely of physician members and managed by StratiFi Health, a physician services and population health organization. For more information, visit or follow @CatalystHN on Twitter.


Bonnie Sims
StratiFi Health