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How to Join as a Specialist?

Q: How do I join Catalyst Health Network?

A: Congratulations - you are about to experience a network of independent physicians unlike anything else in North Texas. Please email or select the "Join Catalyst Health Network" filter on the contact us page. One of provider relations representatives will reach out to you to discuss the application process.  

Q: Why should I partner Catalyst Health Network?

A: Catalyst is a network of over 515 independent primary care providers, with over 1 million patient lives in North Texas. In the past 12 months, we have sent over 70,000 patient referrals to specialists just like yourself.

Q: How does Catalyst referral management work?

A: Members of Catalyst Health Network use our Care Integration Platform for all patient referrals. Our platform helps us monitor patient access, quality, cost, and experience to ensure patients receive the appropriate care, at the appropriate time, in the appropriate setting.

Q: Does specialists have to be exclusive with Catalyst Health Network?

A: No. We believe that physicians should have choice.