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How to Join as a Primary Care Provider?

Q: How do I join Catalyst Health Network?

A: Congratulations - you are taking the first step in your ability to remain independent and thrive. Please email or select the "Join Catalyst Health Network" filter on the contact us page. One of provider relations representatives will reach out to discuss the application process. 

Q: If I am in a group, do all the doctors have to join?

A: Yes. All the Primary Care Providers under the group's tax ID have to join the network.

Q: Will Catalyst take over my practice?

A: No. Catalyst Health Network is an extension of your practice. Our team-based care approach will serve your team to deliver high-quality care to your patients. All members keep their Tax ID, and are free to use the EMR of their choice.  

Q: Why should I join Catalyst rather than a hospital network?

A: a.     Catalyst Health Network offers physician members the opportunity to preserve choice on where and how to care for your patients. Our dynamic platform empowers physicians to meet the challenges of today's healthcare landscape. With Catalyst, independent physicians can remain independent, but not feel alone.