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"What is Catalyst Health Network" answers

Q: Is Catalyst an Accountable Care Organization (ACO)?

A: Yes. We are a clinically integrated network of independent physicians who have come together to successfully provide coordinated, high quality care to our patients.

Q: Is Catalyst an Independent Practice Association (IPA)?

A: No. Existing IPAs are, for the most part, purely administrative in Texas. Catalyst Health Network is much more than that. We offer a dynamic platform to meet the challenges of the market and provide the highest level of population health services available to independent physicians in the North Texas Market. 

Q: Is Catalyst a Clinically Integrated Network (CIN)?

A: Yes. Catalyst Health Network earned URAC's full accreditation for Clinical Integration in December 2017 - making us 5th in the nation to do so. This accreditation demonstrates our ability to maintain the infrastructure and processes necessary to provide coordinated, high-quality care or North Texas. 

Q: What is The Catalyst Difference?

A: The Catalyst Difference is our orientation to changing healthcare. We are a collection of people willing to pursue any path to transform healthcare, take a stand, and carry the mantle of change. It includes an engaged provider network, value-based contracts that benefit all stakeholders, a systemic approach to care management, and network performance unlike anything else in this part of the country.